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Tactical Operational Excellence

Expert Guidance;
We operate where work actually gets done!

Our approach to operations excellence is driven by employee engagement to continually identify and make improvements to their work processes and practices to best meet the needs of the customer.  We use the term “tactical” here because the concepts of operational excellence are not always easy to grasp without hands-on leadership.  The i3 team can embed in your organization to kick start the program, ensures sustainability incorporating six key elements into the project plan, and coaches to ensures knowledge transfer through the execution of a detailed change management plan upon turnover and exit.       
i3 works to incorporate advanced data analytics into key business processes that drive your success.  T
he alignment of strategic goals to the tactical activities of the business units provides a clear link from the front-line to the bottom-line.  Today's organizations have access to more information than ever before.  Are you utilizing fully integrated business solutions to drive your decision making? Leveraging your resources, business processes and system capabilities drives Operational Excellence.

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