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Industries Served

Our team includes experts from many of the industries we serve.  Whether your initiative is simple or complex, project portfolio management, operations, work management, or reliability focused; we understand the industries we serve and look forward to discussing how our experience can deliver impactful results.  Our comprehensive suite of service offerings will meet your needs.



Transmission & Distribution


From generation to transmission or distribution, i3 has supported utilities across a number of work streams.  Whether fortune 500 or a municipal, we have the experience and expertise to scale solutions to fit any need.

Nuclear Generation
Pipeline & Terminal

We work to improve productivity and reduce operating costs from midstream operations through downstream refineries.

Oil and Gas




Power Generation
Transmission Lines
Open Pit Mining

Whether open pit or underground, i3 advisors have created value in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Mining Underground Stairs


Manufacturing Consultant

Whether you're looking to increase throughput, reduce unexpected downtime or maximize OEE, i3 can define the opportunities, develop an implementation road map, and assure you realize the value proposition.

Car Manufacturing
Manufacturing Plant
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