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Reliability Excellence

Enhancing Asset Reliability;
We operate where work actually gets done!

Our approach to excellence in this space includes a process for identifying and systematically making improvements that positively effect equipment reliability and overall plant availability.  Equipment reliability can be impacted by a number of factors including but not limited to engineering and design, maintenance, and operations, over time.  Understanding the tools available and how to apply them is integral in having a successful reliability program.

"Go beyond simply maintaining, 
get actionable intelligence!"

Successfully minimizing unplanned events through the proper  execution of planned work ensures safety, efficiency, productivity, and predictability, all at an optimal cost.  Incorporating condition-based monitoring sensors, customized algorithms, machine learning, data analytics, and optimized processes, organizations are primed to meet the challenges of today’s constraints.  We provide customized, integrated solutions that seamlessly tie into your existing ERP, EAM, or CMMS.  Together, we successfully optimize your resources, processes, and technology to drive significant improvements in maintenance and reliability. Key benefits include:

  • Increased Asset Availability

  • Increased Equipment Reliability

  • Increased Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)

  • Reduced Human Errors  

  • Reduced Re-Work

  • Reduced Unplanned O&M Costs

Root Cause Analysis and Bad Actor Elimination

Unexpected failures can erode business value and continually impact equipment reliability and overall plant availability.  Having a consistent and structured approach understanding equipment shortcomings and how your organization will address them, is a key cornerstone of a reliability program.  We use Root Cause Analysis, FMEA, Bad Actor and defect elimination methodologies to focus our efforts on the assets that are most costly to your operation.  Our solutions incorporate advanced analytics, data driven decisions, organizational support, and culture change.  


If your organization is having equipment reliability or unit availability issues, reach out today to discuss where to start and how to systematically begin addressing issues. 

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