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Optimized Operations

Consistent Human Performance;
We operate where work actually gets done!

i3 Consulting’s model of Optimized Operations focuses on consistent human performance.  Up-to-date and relevant processes and procedures need to be in place to provide the framework to operate.  Appropriate elements need to be established to measure, monitor, and control to continue steering the organization towards the desired business and financial results.  Specific benefits include:

  • Reduced Human Errors

  • Empowers Condition Based Monitoring

  • Lower Unplanned Capacity Loss

  • Enables Operator Ownership

  • Reduces Unplanned Outages and Switching Errors

  • Improved Communications

  • Increased Work Productivity

  • Clarifies Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensures Consistent Human Performance

Get in touch to learn more about how to achieve these benefits.

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