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Consulting Services

At i3 Consulting, our well-established team of mining process consultants has been serving the mining industry for more than 20 years. Companies choose i3 because of our reputation for partnering with our clients — working shoulder-to-shoulder with them — to deliver customized implementation consulting services that result in comprehensive cultural, maintenance and operational process and procedure improvements that are measurable and sustainable.

Our Mining Project Portfolio

i3 consultants are specialists in a range of different types of mining including coal, gold, iron ore and potash. Across North America our projects have provided returns at an average rate in excess of 16:1.  i3 can help your company identify and set goals across a variety of practices, for example:


Find out more about how i3’s consulting methodology has helped our clients implement positive, lasting change in their business activities.

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Case Studies

2021 Client Partnerships
  • Mobile Equipment Improvements
  • Fixed Asset Improvements

Mining Experience

Service Profile
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