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Innovative Solution Development 

Our innovate stage focuses on developing optimized processes, customized to your organizational structure, with a detailed roadmap that maximizes your organization's capacity to meet strategic objectives. This process could include the development of new optimized processes or simplifying and streamlining existing processes.   

Our approach aligns leadership’s expectations with a business optimization plan that secures commitment and stakeholder engagement for sustainability.  If you already know where your gaps are, this may be the step you need to start with.

Download the innovate flyer for more information:




To innovate is to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or process.  i3 uses unique tools, our industry experts, and your local knowledge to develop uncomplicated solutions that move your organization from your current state to your desired state. 


When improving processes, it's important to link the improvement opportunity to bottom-line benefits.  Click the link below to see our Project Results page.


We have a unique and detailed approach to ensuring sustainability with our projects that encompasses six key areas of focus.  Click the link below to learn more about our focus on Sustainability.

Stage Deliverables

Important elements to address before starting an implementation

  • Alignment of leadership

  • Communication plan development

  • Change and change network development

  • Sustainability plan developed

  • Defined solution templates for easy issue resolution

  • Optimized processes documented

  • Coaching and training developed

  • Defined clarification of roles and responsibilities

Have you gone through assessments without receiving a roadmap to improvements?

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