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Identifying Barriers to Improved Performance

Removing barriers is key to performance improvement.  Whether optimizing, streamlining, or simplifying, the key is to allow employees to successfully complete their work with the fewest impediments possible.  It’s time to recalibrate and redefine success!

Our identify step includes an analysis of existing work practices, procedures, documentation, and process discipline. Business process mapping can also be a valuable tool to identify waste, redundant tasks, key process gaps, and where technology and data analytics can add value.  Our analysis process can also be used to elevate individual or team performance, and looks at attributes such as task competency, performance levels, and productivity.  Is your organization positioned to meet your goals? 

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​We provide a unique analysis approach that quickly identifies the tasks, actions, and goals that may be most easily achieved in the short-term. The business optimization plan is then detailed out to sustainably transforms the organization from its current state to your desired state.

The purpose is to identify barriers to performance and always add value to your operation.  


When improving processes, it's important to link the improvement opportunity to bottom-line benefits.  Click the link below to see our Project Results page.


We have a unique and detailed approach to ensuring sustainability with our projects that encompasses six key areas of focus.  Click the link below to learn more about our focus on Sustainability.

Problems Solved

Some of the operational isues we solve include:

  • Improving Capital Spend           Allocation

  • Increasing Plant Availability

  • Improving Equipment Reliability

  • Reducing Maintenance Spend

  • Improving Productivity

  • Reducing Human Errors

  • Increasing Schedule Compliance

  • Reducing Unplanned         Maintenance

  • Completing the Annual Capital Plan, On Budget, and On Time

What challenges are you looking to solve?

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