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Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Consulting Services

Our employees have been helping manufacturers innovate and make process improvements with a focus on cost-to-produce and quality for over a decade.  We have experience deploying a variety of tools based on our client's unique challenges.  Some of these include:


i3 offers extensive expertise and manufacturing consulting services to batch, continuous, precision, or discrete operations.  Our employees are from industry and work with our clients to provide solutions to implement sustainable change. 

Using our proven methodology, i3 (identify, innovate, implement) is well-positioned to assist companies that are seeking improvements. We help clients to evaluate the internal and external factors that are impacting their readiness and ability to:

  • Reduce waste

  • Increase efficiency

  • Ensure quality and production goals

  • Improve worker satisfaction

  • Ensure consistent human performance

  • Improve crew efficiency and available work hours

  • Develop or improve processes to eliminate rework and wasted effort

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Increase plant availability and asset reliability

  • Increase mean time between failure

  • Reduce human errors

  • Empower condition based monitoring
  • Reduce production upsets

  • Reduce change over times

  • Enhance operator ownership

  • Improve OEE

  • Maximize capitalization

  • Utilize data analytics

  • Improve your competitive advantage

Find out more about how our services have enabled our clients to implement positive, lasting change in their business activities. 

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