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Root Cause Analysis and

Bad Actor Elimination

Unexpected failures can erode business value and continually impact equipment reliability and plant availability.  i3 utilizes a unique approach to addressing short comings with critical revenue generating assets.  Our professionals are value-added resources that lead CARATs © (Critical Asset Revenue Acceleration Teams) to positively impact the performance of a site’s most critical assets.  Our teams identify the issues, develop an innovative solution, and implement the changes needed to develop sustainable bottom-line benefits. 


We use Root Cause Analysis, FMEA, Bad Actor  and defect elimination methodologies to focus our efforts on the assets that are most costly to your operation.  Our solutions incorporate advanced analytics, data driven decisions, organizational support, and culture change.  


Our CARATs © then assure optimized Operations, Maintenance, Shutdown, Asset Management, and Reliability,  Processes to support proper sustainability.

Defect Elimination
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